maandag 16 juli 2007


The title of this weblog refers to my slowly realizing that, while I can't make much sense of "postmodernist" views concerning science and scholarship, I have preciously little in common either with the ideas concerning science, philosophy and religion of pro-Enlightenment detractors of PoMo such as Richard Dawkins and Steven Weinberg. My own area of specialization, historical linguistics, is firmly situated in traditional humanities research, which brings along a metascientific viewpoint which is as incompatible with reductionism and neo-positivism as it is with "postmodernist" logorrhea. Discovering this during the later stages of my Ph.D. research kindled my interest in philosophy in a wider sense. At the same time, I began to suspect that the central notions of Christianity (which, to me, is primarily exemplified by the very liberal Catholicism I grew up with in the Netherlands) might not be so outlandish as I first thought. Or perhaps outlandish, but nonetheless true.

This weblog is dedicated to exploring those issues.

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